Terms Of Use

The company «DRIVE SAFARI», hereinafter the “Company”, hires the vehicle indicated on the front of the contract (including any vehicle that may replace it) to the Renter under the terms hereof, which the Renter fully accepts:
The Renter receives the car, which is inspected and found of his/her absolute choice, suitable for the use and the purpose he/she rents it for. The Renter is obliged, upon expiration of the rental, to deliver the vehicle to the agreed return rental location along with its equipment, in the agreed time and place, otherwise the rental is extended until the moment the company receives the vehicle, without excluding the liability of the Renter for theft or damage to the car during this period. If the Renter wishes to extend the car rental, he/she shall provide a written notice to the company at least twenty-four (24) hours before the end of the rental to obtain the respective written approval. 29 minutes after the agreed time of delivery, the Renter will be charged with an extra day´s rental and generally, the Renter shall be charged for each additional day he/she keeps the car. If the vehicle is not delivered in the agreed time, or in any case when at the discretion of the company there is risk of its damage or loss, or violation of the terms of this agreement, the company has the right to deprive and receive the vehicle in its possession in any way, without the consent of the Renter but at his/her expenses.
The vehicle is permitted to be used only in asphalt road network by persons who are holders of a legal and recognized car driving license. The vehicle is not permitted to be driven off-road, to be used for driving lessons and testdrive and to follow or participate in racing or motor sports. The vehicle is not permitted to be subleased to third parties, to be used for the transport of dangerous and flammable cargo, narcotics, dirty or smelling objects, for pushing or towing other vehicles. The vehicle is not permitted to be driven by a person who is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic, narcotic or other substances, to be used for the illegal transport of people or goods for profit, illegal transport of nationals or foreigners, committing illegal acts with the rented car, to be driven in violation of the Highway Code provisions, customs, traffic or other regulations and to cross the Greek borders without the written consent of the company. The vehicle is not permitted to be driven by persons other than the Renter and any additional driver the details of whom must be recorded in the rental agreement. The Renter is obliged to look after the car, take every measure to prevent its theft, check the level of oil and water, tires etc. and to promptly notify the company when maintenance is needed or when a defect or problem occurs in it and to use the appropriate fuel type. Any Car repair by the Renter or any other third party is prohibited without the prior approval of the company. In case the car is damaged or stolen due to non-compliance with the above mentioned, the Renter is not discharged even if he/she has accepted any OPTIONAL COVERAGE (WAIVER). In case of accident, the Renter is obliged to immediately notify the police, to not recognize claims of third parties in any way, directly or indirectly, to communicate immediately on the telephone or by any other means with the company, to write down the names and addresses of eyewitnesses and the driver’s name and address and the details of the car, with which he/she might have collided, to fill in and sign an accident/theft report at the nearest branch of the company and to deliver any documents relating to the accident or information to the company. In case of car theft or loss, the Renter is obliged to produce a written complaint of the event at the nearest police authority and the company, within twelve (12) hours of handing the vehicle key. In any case of accident or theft declaration, the Renter is also charged with a fixed amount for “file processing fees” (administrative expenses), which is not reimbursed. IN CASE OF VIOLATION OF THE TERMS OF THIS ARTICLE 2, THE RENTER AND THE ADDITIONAL DRIVERS ARE JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO THE COMPANY, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL, OTHER COMPENSATION NOT EXCLUDED AND REGARDLESS OF THEIR ACCEPTANCE OF ANY OPTIONAL COVERAGE FOR DISCHARGE FROM LIABILITY (WAIVER). No insurance covers tyres, wheels, crystals and the underside of the car.

The agreed rent is prepaid and paid no later than one day before the use of the service. No money will be refunded if the car is returned earlier than the agreed time. The Lessee will pay to the company at the end of the lease, any other type of charge arising from the car lease (fuel, fines, expenses, damages, etc.).If payment is made by credit card, the cardholder’s signature authorizes the company to charge the Lessee’s credit card account with the total of the lease and related charges, as above. This authorization also applies to subsequent charges, such as damage charges, any towing or transport costs of the car, fines from traffic violations and illegal parking, as well as any file costs arising from the administration of the above. The Lessee is additionally charged with: (a) any excess of the agreed kilometers traveled.The number of kilometers traveled is calculated according to the readings of the odometer at the start and at the end of the lease, (b) with the charge for “filling the car with fuel” (FCH) in case it is not returned with the initial fuel level from the Lessee, as well as with the “Fuel Service Charge” (RFC), (c) with the charges for any services and risk coverages the Lessee decided to use, as described in article 4 hereof,(d) with any taxes, fees, costs, fees, attorneys’ fees or other costs related to the rental of the Car, with any monetary penalties, fines, court costs and other costs that have been or will be imposed on the company due to violations during the use of the car by the Lessee, with costs to regain possession and use of the car by the company, as well as interest on late payment due to late payment of any sums due. In these cases, the lessee is obliged to pay the company an additional amount to cover the company’s administrative expenses.(f) with the additional charge for the collection or delivery of the car, as well as the charge for returning it to a point other than the specified one, (g) with the additional charge of the “Airport Service Charge” service, ( h) with the cleaning costs in case of an excessively dirty (including pet hair) vehicle, (i) with the daily charge for the additional driver (j) in case of an accident or theft report, with the charge of the amount of “case management costs”. THE LESSEE IS NOT RELIEVED FROM THE ABOVE LIABILITIES EVEN IF THE LESSEE HAS ACCEPTED ANY OPTIONAL DISCLAIMER COVERAGE.

The rented vehicle has an insurance coverage for Third Party Liability (excluding the driver) and up to the amounts provided for in the Greek Law, subject to its lawful driving by the driver and in accordance with the terms hereof. The Renter is liable for any damages to the rented vehicle. The Renter may limit his/her liability to the rented vehicle for damages down to a minimum charge (deductible), by accepting the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) at the beginning of the rental an optional coverage thus waiving himself from this liability and by paying the corresponding daily charge for this. The Renter may further limit his/her liability for damages to the rented vehicle, by accepting at the beginning of the rental the optional coverage (Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) and paying the corresponding daily charge for this. In the event of car theft, the Renter shall pay the amount of the value of the car. The Renter may limit his/her liability for total Theft or Loss of the car to a minimum charge (deductible), by accepting at the beginning of the rental the Theft Protection Coverage (TPC) and paying the corresponding daily charge for this, provided that the Renter has also accepted CDW (see above) as well as taken all precautions to prevent car theft or loss while using the car in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The Renter may be fully covered (with zero excess) in case of total theft or damage by accepting at the beginning of the rental the “Super Cover” coverage (SUP) and paying the corresponding daily charge for this, provided that the Renter has also accepted the relevant charges and terms for CDW, SCDW and theft protection (TPC) coverages or has a reservation including these coverages. The aforementioned Waivers and Coverages do not discharge the Renter from the charges of Article 3 hereof or when the car is not used in accordance with the terms of use of Article 2 hereof. The driver and passengers are not covered against Own Bodily Damages, other than the provisions of the Third Party Insurance. The company provides coverage against these Bodily damages following an accident while driving the rented vehicle, if the Renter accepts at the beginning of the rental and pays the daily charge for Personal Accident Coverage (PAC). By signing this Rental Agreement the Renter accepts fully the daily charges indicated into the corresponding fields, for the above optional coverages (CDW, SCDW, TPC, SUP, PAC) which he may have accepted, as well as any minimum payment (deductible) in case of an event.
The Renter’s personal data are maintained electronically. The Company may securely transfer those data to Authorities and Insurance Organizations per case, in accordance with the legal requirements and within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679 – April 27th, 2016). For more information regarding our Data Privacy Policy please visit the Company’s web site at the following link: https://www.drivesafari.gr
The above terms also apply in case of replacement of the originally rented vehicle or when the rental is extended, while any amendment to the terms hereof shall be void unless agreed in writing. The company has the right to terminate this agreement and immediately collect the car in case of violation of the terms hereof by the Renter. The Renter is obliged to pay the company a financial guarantee, before receiving the vehicle for his/her faithful adherence to the terms hereof. During the rental, all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable with the Renter. Similarly, if a representative signs this rental agreement, he/she shall be jointly and severally liable with the principal. Moreover, the Renter is jointly and severally liable with third person to pay the rent, any costs, expenses and fees, regardless whether the third person has assumed the obligation to cover them. The Renter agrees and accepts that any discounts provided do not apply in case of delayed payment of the bill, issued by the company. All charges are subject to final audit. It is the customer’s responsibility to ask for any money refund or/and his/her definitive charge for fuel, when returning the vehicle and ONLY at that time. Money refund or other matters relating to fuel charges, are not accepted after the departure of the customer from the branch. The company assumes no liability for loss or damage to any property inside the car after returning it to the company. If the Company fails to deliver to the Renter during a specific time interval a specific car type, which the Renter has booked, the Company shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damage to the Renter.
This agreement is governed by Greek Law and any dispute arising between the company and the Renter under this agreement, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.


– If at any point reference is made to the possibility of payment by credit card, the word debit and prepaid card should be indicated.
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– There should be a category for security, in which there will be a reference to the secure environment of Nexi Payments Greece S.A. in which the transaction is completed. We provide you with optional text:
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