005BJ Ebony Premium Headlining
020BE Red Brake Calipers
029MI Spare Wheel-Full Size
029YV 21X9.5 Style 5007 DT
032DE Exterior Upgrade Pack
032FA Leather - LESS Heated Steering Wheel 033SY 16-Way Electric Front Seats
041CZ Roof Sliding - Panoramic
048AR Side Door Treadplate-Range Rover
057IK Badge Red HSE
064FM Configurable Ambient Lighting 070AW Powered Tailgate One Piece 079AJ Floor Mats - Carpet
080AN Black Painted Roof
086FA Rear View Camera
088HH Headlining - Morzine
088HR Finisher-Meshed Aluminium

021ZG Trim level 3
030NM Htd/P-Fold/Mem/App.Light Mirror 030PB Courtesy lamp - rear
033JK Windsor Leather
038ID TFT Virtual Instrument Cluster 040AK Heated Front Windscreen
049AL Elec Tilt & Reach Adj Stg Column 051AJ Foot Pedal - Metal Finish
078CC Paddle Shift - Satin Chrome

001BC 1/2 Model Year
005CE Capacity Feature
020CB LESS Collision Mitigation
021DA Battery 1
021ZZ LESS Electric Engine Battery
022CD A/C Refridgerant - HF01234YF
022HA Air Flow Blanking Plug
025EZ Voice Control
025KO Analogue Radio Reception
025MC Hi-Line Audio System
025ND NGI Head Unit - High
025PE LESS Cellphone Interface
025RA LESS WiFi Connectivity
026EO Seat Belt Labelling - ROW
027AN LESS Active Cornering Enhancem
027CB Open Rear Differential
027KB Front Spring Bushing - Standard
028FL Towing Eye Cover - Corris Grey
029QZ 275/45 21" A/T Tyre
030NG Passenger Airbag Disablement ROW(OWS)
030NW Sensor Occupant (ROW) with PACOS) 031CG Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror 032BV Leather Steering Wheel
033BC 5 Seat Configuration
033CS Drv & Pass Electric front seat adj. 033DB Rear Centre Head Restraint 033EP LESS Seat Heating
033IZ Door Armrest - Premium Leather 033JP Front Seats - 12x12 Way
033NA LESS Passenger Seat Away 033VA LESS Driver/Pass Seat Articula 036AA Less Connected Services 036KR LESS Core Car Body Stylings 037AK Twin Downpipe - Bright pipes 038AP KPH Speedometer
039BA Washer Bottle Std
040AU Starter System - Stop/Start
041FA Front Body Fenders - Body colour
043AY Fresh Air Heater - No sup heater
043BE Single Speed Transfer Box
046AF No Onboard Vapour Recovery
047AW Frt/Rr Laminated Acoustic Glass
053BD Filler Neck Dsl - Active
053CJ EU6 + DPF Emission
056AY Warning Triangle
056BB Front Number Plate Plinth ROW
057JQ Family Badge - Range Rover Gloss Black 062AD Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
063AA Engine Cover
063YY LESS Engine Air Deflector
064BT LESS Daytime Running Lamps
064CW Xenon Headlamps + LED Signature (L405 Range Rover no LED Signature)
064DD Integrated Approach Lamps 064FU Upper Active Vanes
064GG Front Lamps - Clear
065AB Cruise Control
066AA Push Button Start 071EC Black Tailgate Finisher 075DE Engine Tune Standard
076CW Dual Note Electric Horn
002BC Greek Literature Pack
016XX LESS Ext Sound (ENG) Enhancemt 020DS Disc Brake Size 20"
021FA H8 AGM Battery
022AY Climate Control - 2-Zone
022DB Label - A/C Charge
025CW LESS Garage Door Opener(Homelink) 025FW LESS Garage Door Opener
025MA Bluetooth Connectivity
025MG LESS Rear Seat Remote
025OA Navigation Centre
025QD LESS Telematics TCU Module 026BK LESS Int Head Impact Protectio 026RL Seatbelt Retractor Euro
027BY Electronic Air Suspension 027CW Adaptive Dynamics
028EE LESS Towing Equipment
029BA Tyres Pirelli
030DE Ext Mirror Finish - Gloss Black 030NV LESS Auto High Beam Assist 031BG External mirrors convex
031EA LESS Auto Dimming Mirror 032DU LESS Heated Steering wheel 033CM Seat Type - Standard
033CY 60:40 split - Folding
033DN Front Headrestraint - Manual 033GZ Drivers seat armrest - Adjustable
033JN Adjustable Seat Bolster 033MG Pwr Pass Fore/Aft/Height/Tilt 033QC LESS Third Row Seats
035AE Fire Extinguisher P 1KG 036HX Core Car
036MA LESS Side Flank Guard 037BC LESS Active Loud Exhaust 038ED LESS Front Cooled Console
039IA LESS Heads Up Display 040YY LESS Windshield Wiper Park 043AO No Park Heating
043BC LESS Engine Block Heater 046AD Urea Emission Tank
047AO Standard Windscreen
049AS Steering Column Lock
053BI Fuel Filler Flap - Central Locking 055AC Locking wheel nuts
056AZ First Aid Kit
056BK LESS Rear Number Plate Plinth 060AE LESS Roof Rack or Rails
062ZZ LESS Trailer Hitch Guide
063AH Loadspace Cover
064AP Front fog lamps
064BV Headlamp Power Washers
064CY Automatic Low Light Sensing Headlights
064EM Grille - Gloss Black
064GF Bumper Aperture -Black
064HL Headlamp Operation LHD -right justify 065EC AEB-Lev2 Cty & URB+PED
070AQ LESS Rear Spoiler
074TB Partial Leather - Seat Armrest
075EB LESS Water Wading Aid
076DF 433 MHz Door Lock Frequency

076EG BBUS with Tilt Sensor
076EL Perimetric and Volumetric Protection 077BB Vehicle Protection Cat 2
078XX LESS Crankcase Pressure Sensor
080CM Bodyside Cladding - Painted 080CR Rear Bumper Lwr Bib Spoiler 080GV Bmpr Lwr Vlc - Corris Grey 080NC Door Trim Panel - PVC 086BC Lane Departure Warning 086DG LESS Driver Monitoring 086EH Rear Parking Aid
086YY LESS Parking Assist 087AA HDD Navigation System 087XL Nav - Reg 1 Europe 088CP Terrain Response
088FX Console Lid Prem Leather 089XX LESS Seat Contrast Piping
090DI PVC Door Top Rolls
094AB LESS smokers Pack
095QC Sunvisor Single Pass Mirror
096BH ROW Labels
096FA Fuel Label - ROW
096TL E Approval Label
096UF Tire Recommended Plate - non English 096VA LESS Warning Label
099AA 5 Door Estate
103AA Diesel Fuel
109AA All Wheel Drive
116AZ LESS Flare Holder
121AL Engine Cooling Fan Twin 850W/650W 129XX LESS Rear Seat Entertainment
130AB Air Cleaner- Dry /Single Stage
135AJ LESS Loadspace Stowage Rails 139AN VIN prefix position 4 - W
141AY VIN prefix position 6 - 2
143AJ VIN prefix position 8 - K
145BJ Vin prefix postion 10 -H
147AA VIN format - EEC
153BC Extra Engine Cooling
153EA Standard Cooling Hoses
161AF Single Radio Tuners
173AA LESS Side Door Power
200AZ 3.0 V6 Dsl Twin Turbo
211AA CCR Centre Console
213AA CCR Centre Console Top Finisher 215AA CCR Rear Bumpers
217AA CCR Headlining
220AA KSK Cabin Harness
226AA CCR Suspension 4 Corner Assy 228AA CCR Frt Console Lwr End Panel 231ZZ LESS ETO CCR Rear Bumper
236AA CCR - Front Console Front Panel 300RS Range Rover Sport - L494
076EI Double Locking
076EZ LESS Electronic Road Pricing 078BT Auto 8 Speed Trans ZF 8H70
080AW Door Handles-Body Colour 080CQ Front Bumper Lwr Bib Spoiler 080ED Side Vents - Gloss Black
080JA Bumpers- Plastic Painted W/Fog Lamp 080ZL Bonnet Louvre - Gloss Black
086DA LESS Traffic Sign Recognition
086EG Park Distance Control Sensor Front 086IB Forward Facing Camera
086ZZ LESS Blindspot information sys 087AP MFD Single View Screen 087ZZ LESS Vehicle Information Contr 088EY IP - TPO
088KA Interior Switch Finish Black
089ZZ LESS Interior Applique/Intaglio
091AE Door Finishers - Material Wrapped 095CA LESS - All Terrain Progress Co
095RD Mapcare - Euro/Russ 3yr
096CA LESS Brake Resevoir Label
096TA Pictoral -Air bag label -ROW,Jap,Mexico 096UB Licence Indicator
096UU LESS Label - Insurance Group
097AJ Whole Vehicle Type Approval
100LR Land Rover Brand
102AG LESS Door Lock Shields
103AJ Diesel
115AQ Sunvisor Mirror Insert - Driver
117AE Metallic gear knob
129AC No Onboard TV
129ZZ LESS TV Receiver
130BB Air Int - Fuel Inject without Snowcover 138AA VIN prefix positions 1-3 - SAL
140AR VIN prefix position 5 - A
142AD VIN prefix position 7 - F
144BC VIN prefix position 9 - ? (ch
146AA VIN prefix position 11 - A
152AX Engine Power Source - 225/700
153CB Engine Vent Hose
153ZZ LESS Auxiliary Coolant Pumps
170AA LESS RSE Specific Language
178AA LESS Engine Cubic Capacity
210AA CCR Cockpit
212AA CCR Seats
214AA CCR Front Bumpers
216AA CCR Door Casing - Core
218AA CCR Rear Spoiler
221AA KSK Engine Bay Harness
227AA CCR Exteriorn Tail Door handle
230ZZ LESS ETO CCR Front Bumper
234AA CCR Front Console End Panel
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